Alumni Profiles

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John Bergman
Mechanical Engineering '08, Engineering Contractor

John is currently contracting with medical device companies to design and develop the Next Gen of capital and disposable equipment. He will be graduating in 2015 from Santa Clara University with his masters in mechanical engineering and mechanical design.
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Paul Logue
Aerospace Engineering '92, VP Corporate Strategy, HP

Paul is proudly returning to his SJSU roots this year, having been nominated to the Advisory Board for the Lucus School. "I must say I'm really enjoying all the positive energy and change on campus...such amazing progress from my graduating year."
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Zack Pirkl
Aerospace Engineering '11 '14, Space Systems/Loral

Zack successfully launched one of the world's largest communications satellites from South America.
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Priyanka Upendra
General Engineering '14, Clinical Technology Analyst-Cyber Security, Stanford Medicine

Priyanka is proud to say she bought her first car and it's a Mercedes Benz! "Thanks to SJSU for providing a strong foundation."
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Robin Kansara
Software Engineering-Computer Networks '10, Co-founder and COO at PaniPuri Soft, Jodhpur, India

Robin started an iPhone development studio with brothers Naveen and Praveen shortly after graduation. For the last 2 years they've been working on an Apple interface game, Catch the Aliens, which released in August 2014. See the game trailer at or download the free ap at
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Robert Bigler
Mechanical Engineering '87, CEO, Equalia LLC

Robert is a designer-engineer-entrepreneur that's creating a hoverboard for release in spring 2015. Follow the progress at
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Pelagio Payumo
Mechanical Engineering '99 & Human Factors Engineering '10, Apple, Inc.

From working with U.S. Army Vehicles like the Bradley Fighting Vechicle (BFV) at BAE Systems, to working with some of the most recognized electronics in the world at Apple, Inc., Pelagio continues to enjoy engineering.
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Vishnu Pendyala
Computer Engineering '00, Cisco Systems

Vishnu presented on Humanitarian, Machine Learning, and mHealth related topics at IEEE GHTC, OCon San Francisco, and ICCCT in October, November and December 2014 respectively.
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Kanav Gandhi
Software Engineering '10, Citrix Systems

Kanav is working on Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software for Android devices.